Aboriginal art dot painting

Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Ferguson working on a dot painting of the platypus. Bronwyn has been painting Aboriginal art for a number of years since discovering her Aboriginal heritage later in life. Born in Geelong, Victoria, and adopted out as a baby, Bronwyn, whose birth name was Karen Kerr, is seeking her ‘mob’ through the Link Up organization.


Welcome to the inspiring, and ancient world of the Australian Aboriginal people, their art and their culture.
“To understand our law, our culture, and our relatioship to the physical world, you must begin with the land. Everything about Aboriginal society is inextricably interwoven with, connected to, the land. Culture is the land, land and spirituality of Aboriginal people, our cultural beliefs, and reason for existence IS the land. You take that away, and you take away our reason for existence. We have grown the land up. We are dancing, singing and painting the land. We are celebrating the land. Removed from the land, we are literally removed from ourselves.” (Mick Dodson, 1997)

Australia- aboriginal people, traditions and culture

Aboriginal Australians are also called Aborigines, and their name comes from the Aboriginal race of Australia. When you look at them, you might think “Oh, those people are really strange!”, but they are more interesting than you might think. Aboriginal people are thought to be the first one who colonized Australia.

When did they appear? We can’t know for sure, but many people say that they came to Australia 50.000 years ago. However, some scientists think that the Aborigines came 120.000 years ago, but they don’t have any scientific evidences to prove that. Yes, they way older than our parents, and our grandparents, and our great grandparents. 😀 Read more…

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