How to Teach Children About Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal native Australia , share a rich and interesting history . A part of their way of life is to create beautiful works of art. Aboriginal art – also known as Indian art of Australia – incorporates the use of natural substances such as wood, bark , stone and natural pigments. Children often enjoy learning about Aboriginal art , thanks to its simple look bold and bright patterns . Several methods can be incorporated when children are introduced to Aboriginal art .



1 . Stir in the living conditions of Aboriginal people in your lesson plan .
Enter the subject to students with a lesson on Australia and Aboriginal . Includes photographs, slides or movies of Aboriginal and their way of life. Include an Aboriginal folk tale to illustrate how native of seeing things . Educate students about what life is like for the age of an Aboriginal child and to compare the differences. Describe the climate of Australia, the landscape and diet. Give students a broader view of the indigenous way of life so that they can understand and relate to art in a deeper way .

2. And ‘ possible to see artifiacts of this type during a tour of the museum.
Take a trip to a museum that presents an exhibition of indigenous art of Australia. Contact local art museums to see if they have a screen like this . Most art museums have at least a couple of pieces , if not full-screen . Consider a virtual tour if it is not available here. You can also create your own virtual journey through the compilation of images online and information about Australian Aboriginal art and the countryside. Send your trip in the classroom.
3. A private collector can own a piece like this.
Bringing Aboriginal artefacts in the classroom to practical experience . If you happen to be a collector of Aboriginal art , to bring things to share . If not, contact a local collector and see if it would bring in its collection and speak to the class about it. The curator of the local art museum or the dean of the art department at a local university may be able to help you find a collector if you do not have a connection to your choice.

4. Incorporate an art project of its kind in your lesson plan for students to create their own Aboriginal art .

Provide students with natural materials for paint , if possible. Otherwise, provide a natural pigments heavy paper mills and implement methods of Aboriginal painting , as the paint stick , pigment blowing through a straw painting and fingers. Give children sufficient information in advance so that they can create works of art that reflect the style. Aboriginal works . Playing music in the background while Aboriginal children are working to give your project an authentic feel .